Shavei Israel announces first-ever Purim trip to Israel for young Polish Jews

Edith Blaustein (left) with Chilean Jewish community members
Jewish discoveries during Shavei Israel speaking trip to Chile

[caption id="attachment_26214" align="alignleft" width="300"] Edith Blaustein (far left) with Chilean Jewish community members[/caption] In Santiago, Chile, a religious Jewish family employed a young woman as a maid. Normally, the maid worked just during the day, but on one Friday, the family asked her to put in...

Bnei Menashe women at Raise Your Spirits Theatre performance of "Sisters!"
Bnei Menashe meet their Biblical counterparts on stage

[caption id="attachment_26127" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bnei Menashe women at Raise Your Spirits Theatre performance of "Sisters!"[/caption] Two dozen girls and women from the Bnei Menashe community met their Biblical counterparts on stage this week as the Raise Your Spirits Theatre invited recent and veteran Bnei Menashe immigrants...

Gao Yichen with her passport and visa - ready to go!
Campaign Kaifeng: Meet Gao Yichen

[caption id="attachment_26123" align="alignleft" width="225"] Gao Yichen with her passport and visa - ready to go![/caption] The aliyah from China continues. In our continuing series of profiles of the five young women from the Jewish community in Kaifeng who will be immigrating to Israel in the coming...

Dina and Moshe
Blind Bnei Menashe girl performs with Israeli pop superstar

[caption id="attachment_25718" align="alignleft" width="300"] Dina Samte with Moshe Peretz[/caption] Dina Samte was only 17 when we first met her in 2010. The young Bnei Menashe singer and keyboard player, who made aliyah with her family from India in 2007, impressed us not only with her expressive...

Li Jing with her passport
Campaign Kaifeng: Meet Li Jing

At 27-years-old, Li Jing is the oldest of the five women. Li grew up in Kaifeng, but studied business English at university in Xi’an, a six-hour train ride away and home to the famous Terracotta Warriors....

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hanukah in Nigeria

In a Shavei Israel exclusive, we have three videos from the Igbo Jewish community in Nigeria for Hanukah. Blessings, fervent prayer and hanukkiot light up the African night. You don't want to miss these videos, only on

VIDEO and PICTURES: Hanukah in El Salvador

The Bnei Anousim community in San Salvador held a festive Hanukah party last week with games and presents, plus a typical El Salvadoran food called "Pupuzas," made of cornmeal stuffed with mozzarella and black beans (kosher of course). We have pictures and video....

More Hanukah pictures: India, Spain, Portugal, and Italy

We’re back – with more incredible pictures of Hanukah celebrations around the Shavei Israel world. Last week we took you to India, Poland, Colombia, Chile and China. This week, we return to a few of those locations, plus add some new ones. The holiday may...