After long lockdown, synagogue in India is open again

After long lockdown, synagogue in India is open again

This week, after a four-month closure due to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, houses of worship have begun opening in India, including the Bnei Menashe Khovevei Tzion synagogue in Mizoram.

Asriel Pachau, secretary of the Khovevei Tzion community, saw the closure from a positive perspective and had this to say about it, “(Overall) it was a good experience and I think it will actually make for good memories, I don’t think about it from a negative side, I think that it is a blessing from G-d for us to know the importance of the synagogue, and know how great it is to pray in a minyan (quorum). I realize that everything we get is from G-d… the good and the bad.”

Pachau insisted on adding his deep thanks to Shavei Israel for helping out during this challenging period. “I’d like to say thank you to Shavei Israel for backing up us in this very difficult time and also helping us by sending support to the community.”



Laura Ben-David