Jewish students in Vilna sing…in Yiddish

Jewish students in Vilna sing…in Yiddish

Jewish students at Vilna Jewish school perform the classic “A Yiddishe Mama” – in fluent Yiddish!


Here’s the translation:

I’d like to ask of you a question, tell me who knows

With which dear possession does G-d bless everyone

It cannot be bought for money, it’s given only for free

And when it is lost, how many tears are shed.

A second is given nobody, no cry can help,

Oy, he who has lost it, he already knows what I mean.


A Yiddishe Mame

It doesn’t get better on this earth

A Yiddishe Mame,

How bitter when she is missing.

How nice and bright it is at home, when the Mame is here

How sad and dark it becomes, when G-d takes her to Olam Haba (The World to Come)


In water, through fire, she would have run for her child

Not to hold her dear, is surely the greatest sin,

How lucky and rich is the one who has

Such a beautiful gift presented from G-d

Like and old Yiddishe Mame

My Yiddishe Mame!



Shavei Israel
Shavei Israel