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Shavei Israel has a clear goal of bringing together the descendants of Israel, their ancestral heritage and Zionism, and is working tirelessly to help remote communities around the globe. From Anousim in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Latin America; to hidden Jews in Poland; to Subbotnik Jews of Russia, Kaifeng Jews in China, Bnei Menashe in India, and more, we reach out to help reconnect them.

The organization supports the unique traditions of the individual communities while simultaneously ensuring the facilitation of their shared Jewish heritage. It is, in fact, the only organization dedicated to the heritage of Israeli communities, preserving the history of each and cultivating their unique ethnic characteristics such as language, culture, clothing, poetry and holidays.

Since the focus is on remote communities of Israel, there is no less significance to instilling the legacy and experiences of the Jewish people in these communities, including the holidays, songs, tradition, Zionism and Israeli culture.

The staff involved in these activities are highly professional and are especially suited to work with different communities. Its role is, among other things, to raise public awareness of the uniqueness of each community, to organize cultural events that include traditional singing and dancing, to give a variety of lectures on the subjects, and to instill in the communities the heritage of the Jewish people. The staff members give lectures at the MaAni Center to various groups from Israel and around the world, such as employees in local authorities, students, retirees, adoptive families of immigrants, Bnei Akiva groups, OU Center groups and various tourist groups. They also give weekly lessons to the different communities about Jewish holidays, and the traditions of the Jewish people.

In addition to lectures, seminars and cultural events, MaAni Center collects and coordinates the archiving of community documents, unique pictures from Israel and abroad, traditional clothing, music, writings, and objects that characterize the communities in their countries of origin, as well as the development of permanent and mobile exhibitions of some of the communities.

We also issue flyers, a weekly bulletin in the languages of Mizo and Kuki, and even publish books and research related to these communities in order to nurture and strengthen their individual and community culture.




The Ma’ani Center is pleased to invite you to a series of programs that will take place on the following dates:


05.17.18 – 11:00 am.  The heritage of the Bnei Menashe, aliyah to Israel, and integration. With Avi Mizrahi – Director of Aliyah of Bnei Menashe.



05.28.18 – 11:00 am.  Bnei Anousim in the world. With Edith Blaustein – Vice Chairman of Shavei Israel.



06.04.18 – 11:00 am.  “Jewish Incas” – The history of a fascinating community. With Rav Hanoch Avitzedek – Director of the Department of Immigrant Absorption and Bnei Menashe.



06.11.18 –  11:00 am.  From the Wall of China to the Walls of Jerusalem: the fascinating journey of the descendants of Kaifeng, China. With Eran Barzilai – Coordinator of the Department of Kaifeng



06.18.18 –  11:00 am.  Subbotnik Jews: Their history and current situation. With Dr. Vladimir Chernin.




The Conferences will be in Hebrew, at the Ma’ani Center, Am VeOlamo 3, Jerusalem.

The cost of each conference: NIS 10. Light refreshments will be served. A minimum number of participants is required.

For details and registration: 02-6256230 or write to:


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