PICTURES: Shavei Israel celebrates Hanukah 5775 around the world

PICTURES: Shavei Israel celebrates Hanukah 5775 around the world

Newspaper article on Bnei Menashe candle lighting for Hanukah

Newspaper article on Bnei Menashe candle lighting for Hanukah

Hanukah was bursting out all over the Shavei Israel Jewish world – communities that Shavei Israel works with have held candle lightings (some privately, some on the streets of their cities), sung songs, eaten sufganiot (Hanukah donuts) and, in general, illuminated the dark December skies with Hanukah joy. Check out this amazing selection of photos from some of the most far-flung Jewish communities you’ll ever meet!

Krakow, Poland

Rabbi Avi Baumol lights Hanukah candles with local Jewish kindergarten children.

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Manipur, India

The Bnei Menashe in Manipur always know how to celebrate with candles galore. And this year was no exception. Hundreds of Bnei Menashe participated in the festivities in Churachandpur and in smaller Bnei Menashe communities in Manipur and Mizoram

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Belmonte, Portugal

Shavei Israel’s emissary Rabbi Elisha Salas led the festivities in Belmonte, Portugal.

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Subbotnik Jews, Beit Shemesh, Israel

The Subbotnik Jewish community in Beit Shemesh celebrated Hanukah with their new emissary, Rabbi Shmuel Schwartz.

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Sicily, Italy

In Cantania and Palermo, Sicily, Hanukah was celebrated outside in a public square with a huge Hanukiah. Our emissary Rabbi Pinhas Punturello was in charge.

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Warsaw, Poland

Shavei Israel’s emissary Rabbi Yehoshua Ellis – who recently moved from Katowice to Warsaw – is shown here officiating at Hanukah festivities, giving a talk and indulging in some very Polish looking sufganiot.

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Hanukah came to Chile early this year. Here’s some community members lighting the candles and posing outside in front of the town’s large Hanukkiah.

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Lodz, Poland

Shavei Israel emissary Dawid Szychowski visited Gan Metanel where he taught the children the meaning of the holiday and spun a couple of dreidels.

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Zion Torah Center, Erode, India

Yishai Tsur, Shavei Israel’s emissary to the Zion Torach Center in Erode, India took some fabulous photos of this growing community’s Hanukah celebrations. That’s a lot of sufganiot!

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Candles, balloons and kids make Hanukah with the Bnei Anousim in Colombia especially festive this year.

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Grenada, Spain

Bnei Anousim in this southern Spanish city light the Hanukiah to bring light to the darkness of December.

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El Salvador

We have pictures from two Bnei Anousim communities in El Salvador: the main Beit Israel community in the capital San Salvador and pictures from the smaller community in nearby Armenia.

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San Nicandro

The table is set for the Hanukah feast and the candles are burning brightly outdoors as the small Jewish community in San Nicandro prepares to celebrate the holiday.

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Kaifeng, China

Finally, a solitary shot from the Jewish community in Kaifeng, as the Chinese Jews prepare to say the blessings on the candles.

China Hanukah

Bonus: not exactly Hanukah, but a few days ago, Shavei Israel’s emissary Rabbi Elisha Salas marched in a pro-Israel rally in Portugal. Here are a couple of shots to warm your heart.

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