Shavei Israel communities get ready for the Pesach

Shavei Israel communities get ready for the Pesach

Pesach is almost here, and Jewish communities all over the world are busy with their efforts to make the upcoming holiday kosher and happy. Shavei Israel’s emissaries from different countries have shared photos of the pre-Passover atmosphere in their communities.

In Chile, students of the local Talmud Torah learnt to make a ke’ara (Passover Seder plate) during an exciting workshop. Another class for adults was devoted to the Halachot, laws and customs of Pesach.

Meital Singson from the community of Manipur shared with us a lot of beautiful pictures of Bnei Menashe participating in a mock seder Pesach.

The Jews of Vysoki, Russia, gathered in the local synagogue to make it kosher for Pesach and clean the building and the territory around. On the roof of the building an antenna was installed to provide an access to the Internet to make the studying process in the Sunday school more comfortable and successful. Each family of the locals also received two boxes of matzah for free, thanks to the support of the Voronezh community.

The Subbotnik Jewish community of Beit Shemesh took part in the pre-Passover lecture delivered by Rabbi Shlomo Zelig Avrasin. The participants of the event received gifts from Shavei Israel: shopping vouchers and the books of Haggadah with Russian translation.

Very cute “mini seder Pesach” was organized for the youngest members of the Cali community in Colombia.

In addition to acquiring deeper knowledge of the theoretical basis of the laws of Pesach, an important role in preparing for the holiday is given to their practical application. South American communities in Chile, Honduras and Ecuador shared with us the process of making kitchen kosher for Pesach and the acquisition of matzah for seder.

Shavei Israel wishes to you and to all Jewish people kosher and meaningful holiday, chag kosher vesameach!



Esther Surikova
Esther Surikova