Shavei’s emissary in Central America is keeping busy

Shavei’s emissary in Central America is keeping busy

Rabbi Elisha Salas continues his outreach work as the Shavei Israel emissary in South America: usually based in El Salvador, once a month he travels to neighboring countries. This week, besides his usual activities in San Salvador, such as teaching Hebrew to adults and organizing Talmud Torah classes for children, he visited Honduras to provide the local community with kosher meat and strengthen its ties with Jewish tradition and the Jewish people.

The Honduran Bnei Anousim community consists of a few groups of people. Some thirty people live in the city of Siguatepeque and its surroundings, all of them keep Shabbat and kosher dietary laws. Another group of sixty is based in Santa Rita. There is no Rabbi in Honduras, so local Bnei Anousim are in touch with Rabbi Salas and often travel to El Salvador to participate in its community life. However, there is a nice synagogue in the country, its building, before the renovation, used to be a Christian temple.

We’re happy to share with you some photos of Rabbi Salas’ visit to Honduras and his activities in El Salvador.



Esther Surikova