Shavei Israel Rabbi travels to Gilgal

Shavei Israel Rabbi travels to Gilgal

Shavei Israel: This Passover holiday, Rabbi Elisha Salas of Shavei Israel and his wife Avigail travelled to Kibbutz Gilgal and shared with us some pictures and beautiful stories.

Do you remember the video that Rabbi Elisha Salas did from Gilgal? Well, we owe you the photos and videos of the visit, where you can see the landscapes and the most representative places of the region.

It was a visit we made to Kibbutz Gilgal, located in the region of the same name, mentioned several times in the Torah. Although we do not know today the exact location of the biblical Gilgal, it is known that it was in the sector where the kibbutz Gilgal is today, which is why it was called such.

The visit to the kibbutz was guided by Shmil Rosenblau, one of the oldest inhabitants of the kibbutz, who, with his vast knowledge of history and geography, was kind enough to accompany us through the kibbutz, showing us, with visible pride and contagious enthusiasm, the various known places where there have been important events, both biblical and recent, and explaining about the function of the kibbutz in our day, something also very interesting.

Like everything else in Israel, Gilgal is a magical place where ancient and modern history coexist, allowing us, with a little imagination, to “travel back in time”, transporting us to moments and key places of various eras.

And there is so much to learn!

Thus, through the hand of our new friend Shmil, we traveled several millennia, beginning with the arrival of the Jewish people in Israel, which was precisely into Gilgal, after the passage of the Jordan River about three thousand years ago (Joshua 4: 20-5 : 12), through the conquest of Jericho (Joshua, chapter 6), by the succession of the prophet Elijah and the prophet Elisha (2 Kings, 2: 1-22), to periods of modern history, where we could see trenches and military installations used for defense during the 1960s and 1970s.

Shmil took us through the whole kibbutz, which is dedicated mainly to the culture of dates and the production of milk. As we were in the week of Passover, even the cow rations were kosher for Passover!

We wanted to go to Gilgal because it was the place where the first Passover was celebrated shortly after the entry of the Jewish people into Israel, led by Joshua. We thought we would just see the place, but we ended up having a fantastic guided tour filled with an enormous wealth of information, and we left Gilgal amazed at everything we saw, with all the explanations and the pleasure of having made a new friend.

Many thanks, Shmil!



Esther Surikova
Esther Surikova