We are now in week two of the Torah’s description of the Mishkan – our portable Temple. Our Parsha is unique of all the Parshiot from the later four books of the Torah as it is the only one where Moshe’s name is not written. Aharon’s name is all over the Parsha, but Moshe’s name is completely absent. The primary theme of our Parsha is the clothes that were worn by the Kohanim (priests). Why is Moshe’s name missing from the Parsha?

The Parsha is about the leaders of the nation, how they dress, act and regard themselves. G-d does not call Moshe by name here to teach us that when one attains a role of leadership he needs to stop considering himself as an individual, but rather as an expression of the nation. Why then is Aharon mentioned by name? While a leader needs to think of the needs of others before his own he can’t expect that of others, even other leaders. Only one who is willing to forget himself, while still remembering others is worthy of leading.

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Yehoshua Ellis



Laura Ben-David