VIDEO and PICTURES: Zion Torah Center in Erode, India

VIDEO and PICTURES: Zion Torah Center in Erode, India

Shavei Israel’s emissaries to the Zion Torah Center community – Tamar and Yishai Tzur – have had a memorable first four months in Erode, India. Together with five of their seven children, the Tzurs have brought Torah learning and Hebrew language instruction to this formerly Christian, now Torah-observant community of 1,500 in distant Tamil Nadu province.

The Zion Torah Center was founded by former pastor Samuel Devasahayam. We wrote about them here and here after Samuel and his wife Anne visited Israel and met with Shavei Israel Chairman Michael Freund.

The Tzur family is splitting their time between Erode, where the community lives, and Cochin, where Tamar is studying laparoscopic surgery in an Indian hospital. We have a number of pictures in the gallery below.

To get the real feeling of the community, though – and what the Tzurs are experiencing in India – we’ve assembled a series of videos:

Singing Ani Ma’amin – “I Believe” – in Hebrew


The Zion Torah Center kids sing along with Yishai on guitar

The women of the Zion Torah Center community learn Hebrew with Tamar

Hebrew lesson in India


Children’s service

Outdoor activities with Erode kids


Hatikva – Israel’s national anthem

Singing and dancing for Jerusalem



Brian Blum